Is it time for a data sharing boycott?

The collision of computers with customers has created fortunes. It also has created lots of conundrums.

A recent interview with the chief of customer experience innovation for a unit of Verizon sheds some light on the challenges that sick care practitioners face now and in the future.

  1. As AI becomes "table stakes" and a commodity, what will differentiate one company from the next?
  2. Is having more bells and whistles worth the cybersecurity risk?
  3. What will be the most compelling user defined value propositions for patients? Got milk?
  4. What happens when patients no longer want to share their data , but, instead, will make you earn the right to use it?
  5. When patients get alarm fatigue creep and start to trash their apps and turn off notifications, then how will you reach them?
  6. Will chatbots become the new annoying phone tree hell?
  7. How will Gen Z attitudes impact the data or utility exchange relationship ?
  8. What will be the new currency of AI decision analysis and how will be pay for it? Kilobots/hr? Will we have an information grid and an options exchange to buy and sell the commodity, like corn and orange juice, trading on the bot market?
  9. How will blockchain disintermediate third party exchange agents (think banks) and what will be the impact?
  10. What new jobs and career opportunities will be valued to create the future?

A world of commoditized, open source, cybersecure AI to scale high touch experiences and humans sounds like heaven. My guess, though, particularly for sick care, is that we will be spending many more years in phone tree hell before we are reincarnated.

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA is the President and CEO of The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs